Volunteer Job Opportunities

Healthy Meals Kitchen

Procurement Assistant

These volunteers help for about an hour on Monday mornings to help us stock our cooler and pantry from our weekly grocery delivery.   Includes checking items off our order list, counting, weighing and otherwise confirming our entire order was delivered.

Broth/Soup Team

Love the cozy feeling of preparing a warm broth or soup?  Then this team could be for you. Our Monday morning volunteers prepare our vegetable and bone broth from scratch and help start a soup recipe.   Responsibilities include sanitizing upon arrival, pulling ingredients from cooler/pantry, washing, chopping, following a recipe, and clean up from the shift.


This volunteer team helps package food that has been prepared by previous volunteer groups into containers to be delivered to our clients.  These volunteers have an eye for presentation and making our meals look appetizing to our clients. Opportunities available Tuesday mornings or afternoons.  Afternoon volunteers would also help oversee packaging with a group of teen volunteers.

Prep Team

For people who enjoy being in the kitchen and and love working with lots of produce!  These volunteers come in on Mondays or Tuesdays during the early afternoon to pull ingredients from our pantry/cooler,  wash fresh produce, source dry goods, chop/prep food and set the kitchen up for cooking. Ideal for people with great knife skills who love to chop!

Kitchen Mentors

If you love to be in the kitchen and want to share your knowledge with our teen chefs, then join us as a Mentor.  Kitchen Mentors visit us on Monday or Tuesday afternoons. Our executive chef gives them the recipe to teach, and they go to work guiding the teens in preparing it.  We look for volunteers with strong culinary skills and enthusiasm for teaching teens.

Garden Produce Processing

If you can’t volunteer all season but love to work with fresh produce then this may be a fit for you.   Our garden team comes in on Tuesday mornings from August – November to receive a delivery from our garden.   These volunteers wash, chop, blanch, bag and prepare our garden produce for freezer storage so we can use it in our program all year.

Sanitation Supervisor

If you’d like to help in the kitchen, but don’t want to cook…have fun with our volunteers who help us by washing, sanitizing and drying (“sanitation”) all of the dishes from the Healthy Meals program.   Volunteers help work with and lead a group of teens on either Monday or Tuesday afternoons to make sure all our dishes get cleaned and put away.

Assistant Shopper

Are you a skilled shopper?  Grab a shopping list from our kitchen manager and head out either Fridays or early Monday mornings to some recommended stores to stock our kitchen for the following weeks menu or education program.

Snapware Brigade Supervisor

Don’t mind supervising others…then we’d love for you to come to our kitchen on Mondays or Tuesdays from 12:00 – 2:00 to oversee our Snapware Brigade.  This is a wonderful group of teens from a local vocational education program who come in to help us get the snapware and bags ready for delivery. These volunteers also help complete this job during school breaks or other times when the teens cannot be at the kitchen.   

Administrative Team

Love what we do but don’t necessarily want to work with food?  Our administrative team helps with various office tasks such as printing, copying, shredding, data entry, organizing, and special projects from our staff.


Client Care

Delivery Angels

Would you love bringing joy to a client by delivering a week’s worth of meals to their home each Wednesday morning?  Delivery Angel might be the right fit for you! We are looking for volunteers who will act as the personal contact with the client to ensure the food and other support provided meets our client’s needs.  Delivery Angel’s contact the Client, and Client Care Manager weekly to support effective and efficient communication.

Delivery Assistant

Our delivery assistants help Wednesday mornings run smoothly.   They pull client meals from our cooler for our delivery angels, help with organizing returned snapware containers and delivery bags and may make the occasional client delivery or help with washing returned bags/snapware.


Community Outreach and Fundraising

Ambassador Volunteers

Do you enjoy meeting people in the community and sharing your passion for our organization?  Help us spread the word by sharing our mission and community goals with service organizations, local businesses, at Wellness fairs and FVFFH events.

Fundraising Team

If you’d like to help us raise money so clients can continue to receive 12 weeks of meals completely free, then join our Fundraising Team. We host various events throughout the year and need a team to help them run smoothly.



Garden Volunteers

Our enthusiastic garden volunteers work each week at our garden to help plant, maintain and harvest produce for FVFFH kitchen. Learn about organic gardening, how to keep plants healthy throughout the summer, and the best times to harvest produce.


Nutrition Programs Education

Caring Cooks Mentor Chef

Are you skilled in the kitchen and great at teaching others?  Our Caring Cooks program leads demonstrations to educate participants how to continue our program in their kitchen.  We need someone who is able to research assigned topics, develop handouts and give presentations on those topics. Mentor Chefs assist the Caring Cooks participants with hands-on learning skills.

Caring Cooks Assistant

Would you like to volunteer with our cooking classes, but don’t have the skills to teach one?  You can be part of the class by helping Chefs set up for cooking demonstrations, cooking and cleaning up. These positions offer a bonus of sharing in the nutritious meal that has been prepared.

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