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Staff Job Description
Executive Chef/Program Manager

Job Title: Executive Chef (EC)

Reports To: Executive Director

Employee Status: Full Time – Exempt

Supervises: Assistant Chef/Procurement, Kitchen Mentors, Teen Chefs, Prep Volunteers

Founded in 2012, Fox Valley Food for Health’s (FFH) mission is to promote a nutrition focused community through teen education and serving those struggling with a health crisis.
Fox Valley Food for Health operates through an integrated model that gives teens experiences of growing and preparing healthy food, provides those facing cancer and serious illnesses with nourishing meals, and educates the larger community about the connection between food, healing and wellness.

Job Relationships:
Interacts with all FFH staff, Program employees and volunteers, and Kane County Fairground (KCFG) Staff, procurement vendors for food & non-food supplies, repair/maintenance technicians, service providers.
Job Summary:

The Executive Chef is a paid position, reporting to the Executive Director and is responsible for the running of the Fox Valley Food for Health Healthy Meals Program. The EC shall plan and oversee all kitchen operations including preparation, cooking, packaging and delivering of the meals, as well as provide operational support to the Executive Director. Operational Support includes but is not limited to, managing of the program budget, reporting programmatic data to ED, and redefining program policies and procedures, to maximize efficiency.

The EC works to support the full engagement of our adult and teen chefs and to maximize their opportunities for learning and personal development by creating a consistent environment and practices in the Fox Valley Food for Health Program kitchen.

They are responsible for ensuring that Fox Valley Food for Health mission and goals are integrated consistently into the daily life of the kitchen, as well as supporting a Teen Focused Kitchen culture that is welcoming and supportive of all volunteers.

Job Commitments:

A commitment to FFH Mission and Operating Principles

The EC is the program point-person for the Healthy Meals and Teen Education Programs. While a 36 hour/week commitment, the EC position requires approximately 26 hours per week to devote to managing onsite food production in the kitchen Monday – Wednesday from approximately 8:00 am-6:30 pm and from a home office as needed; occasional weekend and evening commitments.
Participates in staff meetings, volunteer tours, kitchen visits from community/donors, weekly procurement meetings, Healthy Meals management meetings, and volunteer focused meetings


Work as the lead Kitchen Mentor in partnership with and supporting the adult volunteer mentors
Monitor the experience of volunteers in the kitchen and ensures that kitchen procedures, systems and practices support the richest and most empowering experience possible
Ensure that volunteer needs/perspectives are considered in the Healthy Meals Program
Develop relationships with volunteers and provide appropriate support, training and acknowledgement
In cases of low volunteer staffing is able to jump in and do any and all jobs that need to be completed for meal production. Including but not limited to: washing dishes, chopping vegetables, preparing meals, delivering meals, etc.
Ensure the confidentiality of FFH client’s information
Ensure that all meals leaving the kitchen are beautiful, delicious, and nutritious
Oversees safe, efficient/effective program operations
Provide consistency across all shifts in food safety/quality, sanitation practices, and cooking practices
Ensure all kitchen safety protocols are up to county code and any changes are communicated to program staff and volunteers
Develop Food Safety Plans in accordance with Kane County Health Department as needed. Be on site for bi-annual health inspections and resolve any issues
Completes annual health department registration forms
Manage all kitchen program expenses in alignment with organizational budget
Monitor volunteer staffing levels to ensure adequate kitchen volunteer levels meet the needs of the programs. Communicate to the Volunteer Coordinator when levels fall below the required threshold.
Works with volunteer coordinator on volunteer appreciation weeks, gifts, and prepares gifts from the kitchen when needed
Work with Executive Director to create annual program budget
Create the weekly menus with the Associate Chef, ensuring effective use of donated food and a variety of food and flavors for our clients
Oversee and Manage the procurement process, with assistance from the Associate Chef.
Work with Associate Chef to determine cost effective and efficient ways to procure food, develop recipes and menus
Monitors and tracks (with bookkeeper) purchased and donated gift cards
Works with Garden Coordinator and Associate Chef to plan for and make use of all available garden produce
Manages and continually updates recipe database (along with the associate chef) to ensure accuracy/clear and concise directions
Assess current program operations and adjust accordingly to ensure efficient policies and procedures
Meet regularly with the ED on all program updates, issues or enhancements

Program lead for the Teen Education Program/determines teen session dates, staffing, and needs
Trains kitchen mentors in working with teen volunteers and the goals of the healthy meals kitchen (i.e. the goals are not only to get the work completed but to make it a teaching and learning environment for all)
Acts as kitchen mentor when volunteer staffing is insufficient
Trains all teen volunteers with assistance of kitchen mentors
Creates and updates teen education calendar that ensures a variety of topics of interest to teens and in alignment with the healthy meals program (nutrition, culinary, recipient care, tastings, etc)
Coordinates guest speakers for teen education as necessary
In conjunction with the Asst Chef, purchases necessary supplies for teen education/tastings.
Set up and removal of teen education tastings and samplings
Responsible for lesson plans for each teen education session with the goal of the session, main ideas, and sources
Leads teen education sessions on Mon/Tues and communicates with associate chef to lead Wed. sessions
Engages with teens to talk about what types of teen education is of interest to them and adjust accordingly
Encourages and opens discussions with teens on FFHs teen leadership program and mentors them to the point where they are a confident kitchen leader
Writes letters of recommendation for teen volunteers
Tracks teen hours and determines what teens receive chef coats and aprons
Assists in teen board development and meetings

Takes weekly inventory of all non–food items and ensures proper stock at all times. Supplies Monitored/Ordered include:
○ First aid kits/supplies
○ Meal packaging
○ Cleaning / Sanitation
○ Office supplies
○ Smallwares kitchen equipment

Responsible for repairs, maintenance, cleaning, and upkeep of all major equipment.
Completes regular cleaning of equipment
Schedules bi-annual deep cleaning of floors, equipment
Main point of contact with KCFG on events and facilities concerns
Coordinates schedules and manages communication and expenses for all necessary kitchen services (wifi, laundry, pest control, water, etc)
Resolves any issues related to kitchen services

Communicate to Client Care Team any changes that may impact recipients or Delivery Angels

Makes sure menus and meal preparation will appeal to the broadest possible group of recipients in terms of taste, texture, flavors, and variety

Gathers feedback from meal recipients and communicates that back to the kitchen team as needed

Answers questions on ingredients/preparation of meals
Monitors all recipient food allergies and restrictions. Checks weekly menus for restricted items and documents on recipient meals/letters any restrictions

Assists as needed for the recipient care/volunteer delivery team

Answers technical questions as needed for administrative team
Provides necessary information to team to complete weekly tasks to produce recipient letters and meal labels

Fills in as needed for all roles/staff members
Has trained new staff members (kitchen and non-kitchen related)
To aid in the onboarding of new staff, communicates the philosophy of the healthy meals and teen education program(s)

Qualifications/Special Skills
Specific skills or training desired:
5+ years of professional cooking experience, preferably in the whole foods arena
Strong capacity for mentoring and teaching
Experience in youth development and working with teens
Comprehensive background in culinary arts, whole foods and kitchen protocol
Excellent understanding of the Safety and Sanitation requirements in a kitchen
Excellent communication skills, teaching and mentoring background
Excellent attention to detail and excellent organizational skills
Ability and desire to be in a work environment that values working as a team, relationships, and giving and receiving honest feedback
Has self awareness

Position Requirements:
Complete up-to-date applications and appropriate sign-offs
Successful completion of on-line training class resulting in obtaining the ServSafe Managers Certificate and allergen awareness certificate
Ability to lift up to 40 lbs.
Ability to stand, bend, stoop, sit, walk, twist and turn. (work environment is primarily indoors with the majority of time spent in a busy production kitchen)
Willing to comply with health standards when the position requires it
Proficient computer skills: Softwares include but not limited to: ModernMeal, Google Suite, Microsoft Office, Fundly CRM System.
Current CPR, First Aid and Fire Safety Training is necessary
Attend education and supportive training as necessary

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