Make a donation!

Your donation not only gives our clients in the Fox Valley, the healthy food they need to better recover from their illness and treatments, but also supports our local teens who volunteer to prepare those meals. Our approach is to place youth in the center of our work and organization allowing them to learn, grow, and naturally discover their gifts and ways of belonging. On November 5, 2015 Fox Valley Food for Health Celebrated their anniversary of 4 years in the Fox Valley. The demand for services is higher than ever. Over 44,000 meals served free of charge to 320 individuals and families affected by cancer or serious illness. More than 200 adult and 150 teens have volunteered approximately 45,000 hours in our program to date. All of our clients have serious illness, such as cancer. Sixty percent of our clients live alone or have little or no support. Without our support it would be difficult for friends and neighbors to be able to provide these nourishing whole food meals necessary for healing and recovery.

Please donate as generously as you can today and help us create a healthier, more connected community for all of our teens and clients. Contact if you have any questions or would like other ways that you can help support Fox Valley Food for Health.

You may also mail donation checks to PO Box 532 Geneva, Illinois 60134.

Learn more about the other ways you can give back to your community here.

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