Community Outreach

Our Community Outreach Program addresses the current challenges of healthy eating and nutrition in the towns we serve.

Caring Cooks

Throughout the year we offer Caring Cooks Classes – Cooking Skills for Cancer Survival and Prevention. Learn healthy and delicious cooking skills and recipes for cancer survivors, caregivers, and anyone interested in cancer prevention. Each class includes a nutrition discussion, cooking demonstration, hands-on cooking skills and an opportunity to taste the foods prepared in class!

Check out our events calendar for a list of classes. For more information contact:

Local Shopping Tours

Are you looking for new tasty recipes to wow your family or impress guests? Have you wanted to try a FVFFH recipe? Join us at Trader Joe’s in Batavia to shop with one of our expert Kitchen  Mentors, Kristen, to taste and learn how to prepare and shop for FVFFH healthy recipes. Let Kristen take the fear out of trying new recipes.

Here is what is included:

  • Samples to taste
  • Recipes
  • Shopping lists
  • Guidance from a CIA trained, FVFFH Kitchen Mentor

Check our events calendar for the upcoming dates and times. All guests must register ahead of time to participate in the tours. Maximum of 12 people. For more information contact Carrie @

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